Dr Artem TuntsovDr Artem Tuntsov (Manly Astrophysics)

Artem was born and raised in Russia. He studied physics at Moscow State University, graduating (2003) Cum Laude with a Diploma of Specialist in Astronomy, and winning the faculty's gold medal. At the same time he was also studying mathematical physics at the Steklov Mathematical Institute - "because it was fun".

Artem came to Australia for his PhD at Sydney Uni, where he developed statistical descriptions of gravitational microlensing and learnt to swim. He graduated in 2007 and returned to Moscow to take up a junior faculty position at the Sternberg Astronomical Institute, working as a science journalist in his spare time.

Evidently he came to like the Sydney climate while he was a graduate student, because in 2012 he brought his family to Australia and joined Manly Astrophysics. His scientific interests have expanded to include radio-wave propagation and, more generally, physics of the interstellar medium. He is still learning to swim.

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