Scientific Projects

Here you can find information on the research underway at Manly Astrophysics. One recurring theme is investigations of the interstellar medium - the gas and dust which exists between the stars - particularly the cryogenic (very cold) component. Another theme is "dark matter" - matter whose presence is inferred from its gravitational influence, but which is not actually observed directly. The vast majority of matter in the Universe is dark matter. Some phenomena which are studied in the context of the interstellar medium may help us to understand what dark matter is made of - as you'll see if you proceed further.


In some of the work described here you'll find ideas which are significantly different to the conventional perspective. It's in the nature of scientific research that it provides new ways of looking at things. Initially one cannot say which view is correct - they must co-exist as alternatives until further research clarifies the situation.  Can you help us to do that?

Current areas of emphasis at Manly Astrophysics:

Extreme Scintillation Violent twinkling of astronomical radio sources, caused by interstellar gas
Paleons The structure and appearance of cold, dense interstellar clouds
Interstellar Holography Using radio-waves to image the interstellar medium
Cyclic Spectroscopy A new, holographic technique for characterising radio-pulsar signals
Hydrogen Snowflakes Does solid H2 exist in space? How could we recognise it? What role might it play?
Hydrogen Molecular Ions A new molecule: H6+